If you're still celebrating the #RoyalBaby then have a look at our stock of 'Royal' whiskies. https://www.thewhiskybarrel.co.uk/blog/post/royal-baby-royal-whisky … RT @malthound: Bank Hols: made for catching up with all the new stock from The Whisky Barrel! http://t.co/EUVE63H1zn @WhiskyBarrel http://t…

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Ab - Crag

Crai - Gleng

Gleni - Maca

Macd - To



M - Hu

Ia - Vi

Wemyss - Wemyss



Single Malt Scotch

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Malt whisky produced by only one Scottish distillery. It may contain whisky from a number of vintages, any number of casks and the casks may be of a range of types and of different woods but the whisky was all produced at a single distillery.