North British 50 Year Old Director's Cut

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ABV: 55.3%
Age: 50 Years Old
Vintage: 1961
Cask Type: N/A
Cask #: N/A
Bottler: Douglas Laing & Co.
Region: Lowland
Type: Single Grain Scotch
Volume: 70cl



Douglas Laing Old Director's Cut series. 1961 vintage of the rarely seen North British grain distillery in Edinburgh.

Single cask refill hogshead #8151. Distilled December 1961 and bottled 2012.

123 bottles.

Tasting Notes


Nose: So old yet so fresh – round, full of sweet autumn fruits + light oak, coffee, cedar & tobacco.
Palate: Carries softly ripening fruit flavours + mocha + cough drop spices and candy floss.
Finish: All too fast! – but detect those soft warming spices which are still very apparent.



North British Distillery

North British Single Grain Whisky

North British Distillery was established on farmland to the west of Edinburgh in 1885 by Andrew Usher, John M. Crabbie and William Sanderson. Since then the city has expanded ever outwards and now the distillery resides in the Gorgie area of Edinburgh. North British opened in 1887 to guarantee supplies of grain whisky for its owner’s cordials and scotch whisky blending businesses. It is equipped with four Coffey stills to produce grain spirit at 94.5% alcohol and multi-million litres of spirit annually. Whilst most of its whisky matures in racked warehouses in the central Lowlands, a small number of casks spend at least eight years at the distillery in dunnage Warehouse No.1. Official releases are very few but excellent independent ones are available from Hart Brothers and Hunter Laing.


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