Mackmyra Special 02 Anniversary

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ABV: 50.6%
Age: N/A
Vintage: N/A
Cask Type: N/A
Cask #: N/A
Bottler: Distillery
Region: Swedish
Type: Swedish Single Malt
Volume: 70cl



A limited edition release commemorating a decade since the birth of Swedish malt whiskey at Mackmyra.

Tasting Notes


Spicy whiskey with hints of Swedish oak, roasted ice cream wafers, tar and acidic ginger drops. A Swedish malt whiskey in memory of days gone by.



Mackmyra Distillery

Mackmyra Single Malt Whiskey

Mackmyra Distillery was established in 1999 at Valbo in south east Sweden. Mackmyra is a malt whisky distillery and released the first Mackmyra Swedish single malt whisky in 2006. A proportion of malted barley is dried with moss and Juniper


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