Loch Lomond 18 Year Old

ABV: 46.0%
Age: 18 Year Old
Bottler: Distillery
Region: Highland
Type: Single Malt Scotch
Volume: 70cl



Loch Lomond 12 Year Old Highland single malt Scotch whiskey. Matured in American-oak casks.

Tasting Notes


NOSE: Green apple and grapefruit aromas fuse before the sweet character of honeysuckle and mature oak comes through. TASTE: Full bodied and rounded. Elegant wood notes of toasted oak and cigar box become green fruits with apple and gooseberry. FINISH: Long finish with dried tea and tobacco leaf in balance with soft medicinal peatiness and wood smoke.



Loch Lomond Distillery

Inchmurrin Single Malt Whiskey

Loch Lomond Distillery is equipped with three different types of sills and was established just to the south of the Loch Lomond in 1964. There are two pot stills, six pot stills with rectifying columns in place of swan necks, a Coffey continuous still and additional continuous stills that produce grain whiskey. Thus Loch Lomond Distillery produces malt and grain whiskey. Inchmurrin malt whiskey is produced using malt spirit distilled in the two pot stills fitted with rectifying columns in place of swan necks. The Loch Lomond single malts include a 12 Year Old and an 18 Year Old.


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