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09 May 2012

Tasting a 60 Year Old Glen Grant Single Malt

Posted by Alastair in New Products

Gordon & MacPhail have something of form when it comes to uber-premium very well aged single malts. We've seen Mortlach 70 Year Old released in 2010, Glenlivet 70 Year Old released in 2011 and for 2012 and to concide with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year a Glen Grant 60 Year Old.

Glen Grant 60 year old Jubilee scotch

Priced £7,999 (£6,666 ex VAT) each and with only 85 decanters available, very few will find themselves savouring this remarkable Scotch distilled in 1952 at the Speyside Glen Grant Distillery.

Gordon & MacPhail instructed that cask #465 a first fill sherry hogshead, be filled at Glen Grant Distillery on 2nd February 1952. The cask matured at the distillery until 26th March 1968 whereby it was transferred to Gordon & Macphail's bonded warehouse in Elgin. On 2nd February 2012 - sixty years to the day, the contents of the cask were filled into 85 crystal decanters.

Nose: Wonderfully sweet aroma filling the room with tropical fruits (think opal fruit candy). Honey blossom, banana skin, sherbet and cinnamon sticks leading to a thick black cherry jam. Marvellous!

Palate: The fruity nose is immediate on the palate, absolutely salivating! The balance of stewed cherries, fresh cut tropical fruits, spices even including clove buds with the expected dried fruits and worn leather from the sherry wood is out of this world!

Overall: Quite possibly the finest single malt Scotch this Blog has even laid our hands on. A once in a life time dram.

Order Glen Grant 60 Year Old Jubilee decanter number 8 from The Whisky Barrel priced £7,999 (£6,666 ex VAT).

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