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07 Apr 2013

Tasting Longmorn 20 Year Old Burns Malt

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Longmorn Scotch whiskey distillery was established in 1893 and began distilling production just in time to celebrate Christmas the following year and so is rapidly approaching its 120th birthday. Cited in Speyside near the ancient chapel of Kirkton of Longmorn and on the site of Longmorn corn mill with a plentiful supply of water to hand and with the Morayshire Railway running right by its back door. These days Longmorn whiskey Distillery is a member of the French Pernod Ricard stable and most of its malt whiskey graces Chivas blends.

Only one core Scotch is currently available from Longmorn distillery, the 16 Year Old, since most of its output is destined for blends. And so The Whisky Barrel is delighted to bring this 20 year old expression of Longmorn into the Burns Malt range. And not just a well-aged Longmorn Scotch but a single cask Longmorn nurtured and matured in a superb ex-sherry cask. It is also amongst the last to have been distilled in Longmorn stills heated directly by coal fires burning right beneath the stills for the distillery ended direct heating in 1993 and converted to heating the contents of its stills by steam coils in 1994 in order to comply with new whiskey regulations.

This gem was distilled on 25th May 1992, matured in hogshead cask number 71773 and bottled 20 years later on 13th February 2013 for The Whisky Barrel’s Burns Malt series. Let's give it a go...

Nose: Glorious sweet sherry, drived fruits - raisins, melted butter, marmalade, chocolate-toffee, hazelnut spread and melting milk chocolate.

Palate: Intense but smooth sweet and spicy Christmas sherry. Dried fruits, chocolate truffles with a light oily mouth coating drawing the sherry on to produce a very long warming finish.

An undoubted ace in the pack.

Longmorn 20 year old Burns Malt Scotch whisky

Buy - Longmorn 20 Year Old Burns Malt / 1992/ 55.5%

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