Annandale Distillery. Established in 1836 and closing in 1918, this lowland distillery reopened it's doors and sprung back into action in 2014 producing scotch whisky after a 90 year break. Traditional chimney stack and pagoda roof, tie in the history of the buildings with the impressive, modern redevelopment. The Washbacks and Stills share an open plan room. Clean, crisp and bright room is in contrast to many darker, dustier and settled distillery counterparts. The Mash Tun. Where the grain and the water meet and mingle. This is where heating this mixture produces the sugars from the broken down barley grain's starch. From 'porridge' to a hot sugary liquid called Wort, this is drained and collected where it then moves to the wash-backs for fermentation. #scotch #whisky #lowland #whiskey #lostdistillery #founddistillery #annandale #distillerytour RT @isleofislay: The Islay Daily Newspaper is out! #islay #news Stories via @ScotsMagazine @WhiskyBarrel @Netweather

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17 Aug 2011

Blog Glendronach Single Casks Batch 4 Released

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Batch 4 of the Glendronach single cask series have just been released featuring six sherry casks from 1971 through to 1994. Order while you can, these are always very popular with collectors and connoisseurs.

Glendronach 1971 cask #1436 / 40YO / PX Puncheon
Glendronach 1972 cask #712 / 39YO / Oloroso Butt
Glendronach 1989 cask #2917 / 21YO / PX Puncheon
Glendronach 1990 cask #1032 / 20YO / PX Puncheon
Glendronach 1992 cask #161 / 19YO / Oloroso Butt
Glendronach 1994 cask # 97 / 17YO / Oloroso Butt

Three years have passed since BenRiach Distillery Company acquired Glendronach distillery from Chivas Brothers, we asked Glendronach Distiller Manager Alan McConnochie his views on sourcing sherry casks, wood finishes and his favourite dram.

Q. How long have you worked at GlenDronach distillery and what where you doing before?

A. At Glendronach for two and a half years. Managing Benriach prior. Still look after it but Stewart Buchanan does all the work.

Q. Glendronach is associated predominantly which sherry maturation. What are the difficulties facing distillers acquiring high quality sherry casks and how do you overcome them?

A. Top quality sherry casks are available if you go looking for them and are willing to pay the premium price that goes with it. We do both.

Q. Will you continue with the range of wood finishes released in 2010 and what is your opinion of these?

A. I’m sure we will continue with the current range of finishes and may add to it. The finishes attract customers to our brands especially the younger and female market. I enjoy some more than others but am working on that!

Q. There has been considerable investment in the visitor centre, how important is the centre to Glendronach distillery.

A. The visitor centre is an integral part of the Distillery. Part of our marketing policy is to educate visitors regarding whisky and our brands in particular. Our guides give a fantastic tour which can turn visitors into Glendronach ambassadors.

Q. Are there any plans to reopen the distillery's malting?

A. The maltings in its present form would be impossible to reopen.

Q. What is your favourite expression of Glendronach and why?

A. My own personal favourite is the 18 years old. A big dram and in my opinion says everything about Glendronach. All the characters are there – fruit, spices, dark chocolate – in fact its just gone 12.00hrs. All this e-mailing has put me in the mood for one.

Glendronach Single Casks Batch 4 are now available to order at The Whisky Barrel.

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