Exclusive Tormore 30 Year Old First Editions #16984

Tormore Distillery is rather stunning. Strong, bold and architecturally pleasing Tormore is a wee gem in the Speyside region. A distillery that should garner more visitors both physically and (spirit)ually. Following on from our final exclusive of 2018, our Tormore 30 year old First Editions cask Scotch #15453, we are delighted to bring the opportunity for you to explore this distillery again.

Introducing, with the help of our chums at Hunter Laing & Co, our exclusive Tormore 30 Year Old 1988 First Editions #16984 Scotch whiskey.

More Tormore

We loved our last iteration of this Scotch. And you guys did too. So we thought it was a wise decision to look at this distillery again. And after a taste of this cask, there was no reason to doubt. This is a perfect summer dram. However, be warned not only is it limited to a single cask bottling, the yield was low. Just 99 bottles. Angels? Casks? Low yields just happen sometimes.

Distilled in 1988 this cask was bottled in in 2019 for Hunter Laing & Co. First Editions label, exclusively for us at TheWhiskyBarrel.com. Matured in a refill hogshead #16984 and with an ABV of 44.7%. I think we need to ask the angels some questions…

Tormore Taste

Plenty of Tormore character in here. Fruits are abundant in this one. Along with a pleasant additional sweetness of caramel sauce, candied orange and vanilla. But there is a distinct and supporting role of maltiness, hints of nuts and a smallest touch of spice.

This is a lovely dram of whiskey. A easy, go-to summer’s day dram. But as is always the way with single cask independent Scotch bottlings, it also offers something a wee bit different, unique and worthwhile exploring.

Tormore 30 Year Old 1988 First Editions #16984 44.7%

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