Benromach 41 Year Old 1977 Vintage

Benromach have been releasing some superb scotch whiskies under their Heritage label presentation in the past year or so. Across whiskey bloggers and reviewers, they have been gaining very high scores. And rightly so. Benromach scotch whiskey in general is very good stuff. The core 15 year old is one of the best around on the market at the age and price range. These Heritage casks push the price tag way north but justifiably so.

1970s whiskies are becoming scarcer. Curiosity increases. Values creep up. But fair enough. These ‘Heritage’ casks have be nurtured and cared for into their 4th and in this case 5th, decades. Bottled from a single cask, cask strength and in genuinely beautiful presentation. And most importantly, whiskey that is good enough to hold such esteem and value.

This Benromach 41 Year Old 1977 Vintage from cask #1269 is another belter. This sample has been on our desk for a wee while and finally we’ve decanted it into into the glass for sampling. I don’t know how we do it!

Beauty Is In The Eye Of…Everyone?

In the case of this scotch I don’t think anyone can really look at it and not be impressed, beguiled or at the very least give a nod of appreciation. Modern whisky packaging can sometime be excessive. This Benromach 1977 is truly impressive. It really does embody the sense of being at the distillery. Touch, sight and sound of the box as you open it up and of the bottle. Smell and taste with the bottle cracked open and a dram in hand. Whiskey distilleries offer this true sense of immersion. This dram does too. And its awesome.

Hand-crafted At Benromach Distillery

The colour is lovely. The design of all the Benromach range is unashamedly naked. The liquid really is on full display. They know that what is inside is good. It’s handmade with no computers dictating anything during the production of the spirit. It all encompasses a crafted quality to the product. It’s just packaging at the end of the day. But it is big, bold and it works very well in this instance.

Tasting Benromach 1977

This is what it really does come down to. On the eyes it has already set a standard for this single malt whiskey. It really does need to live up to its own hype. Simply put, it does. The colour is golden orange. – a summers evening sunset. On the nose there are warm summer fruits and a lively bit of spice – surprisingly lively for a 41 year old scotch whiskey.

There is no overemphasising how good the palate is – Vibrant, fruity and fresh. But also rounded warming toffee, vanilla, fresh cut grass. A sweetness of chocolate and honey wrap it all up and the faintest spice and meaty tobacco to give it some bite and carry through and complete the finish.

Wonderful. This Benromach 41 Year Old 1977 vintage is at risk, like any statement piece whiskey, of under-delivering. No such worry here. From presentation to taste it is considered, complex and beautiful whisky.

eThis is 90+ point scoring whiskey and rightly so. We are delighted to have been able to sample this and even more thrilled that we still have some stock of this available. Look damn fine on your whiskey shelf.

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