Exclusive Hampden 17 Year Old Kill Devil Rum

You may have guessed by now but we do love a Hampden Rum. Especially a single cask, cask strength Hampden rum in Hunter Laing & Co‘s Kill Devil label. Even more so when it is an exclusive release to us at The Whisky Barrel and comes with the special gold cap.

So, here we have our latest release – Hampden 17 Year Old 2001 Kill Devil Exclusive 58.8%

More Hampden = More Funk

Cask Strength | Pot Still | Single Cask | 58.8%

If you are familiar with our previous releases of exclusive Hampden whiskies, you already know what to expect. Fruity, funky, tropical, paraffin, vibrant, sunshine, golden Caribbean rum. Hamdpen rum has a reputation as being a big bold hitter. How Ardbeg whisky of old used to be. And this new 17 year old at 58.8% is no different.

The nose is laced with sticky brown sugars, raisins and lovely tropical fruits. The palate picks up the ripe fruits and runs with as you would expect. Pineapple and a touch of citrus are blended with classic Hampden parrafin and bananas. The finish is pure pineapple juice. Fantastically long and sticky and a bit of liquorice.

There is a nice maturity to this that give it a little mellower note compared to our other younger expressions. But that is not to say this isn’t still a bit crazy! A joy again!

Kill Devil – What Does It Mean?

The Devil’s in the Detail

The back label image above says it all really. The term Kill Devil is centuries old. Island locals called their distillates Kill Devil – a nod to the harsh rather less refined drink that was produced. However, as a commodity it grew in stature and quality.

Hunter Laing have used this name on their own single cask release and they perhaps beautifully highlight where the rum industry is now. Single cask rums such as this are beginning to sit side by-side on the shelves of single malt connoisseurs and drinker. The Kill Devil label is a mark of quality. We are delighted to another Hampden Kill Devil to add to our fantastic catalogue of single cask exclusive rums.

Hampden 17 Year Old 2001 Kill Devil Exclusive 58.8%.

Available to buy online now only at TheWhiskyBarrel.com