Exclusive Caroni Rum – 65.8%!

We launched a brace of Caroni Single Cask rums fro our chums Hunter Laing & Co. in January this year. Now we are delighted to have complete a hat-trick as we bring you the third sister cask. But this one is the strongest yet – bottled at a whopping 65.8%! Caroni 20 Year Old, 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive 65.8%.

Caroni. Caroni. Caroni.

We love Caroni rum. The previous releases showcased a very matured and balanced Caroni and this third release follows suit. These are ideal rums for the avid whisky drinker too. Plenty of complexity and depth on the nose and palate – dark chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, oak , tobacco, coffee, pineapple, orange and hint of smoke. And a finish that just lingers on with brine, milk chocolate, tropical fruits and dustings of salt. They pack a punch.

As a lost distillery, Caroni rum has become harder to source and simultaneously more expensive. So, to have three of these single casks listed exclusively at TheWhiskyBarrel.com is rather exciting:

They each offer a slightly different take on Caroni. This is the joy of the single cask. A chance to explore the nuances of a distillery’s character despite being the same distillate and matured side by side.

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Caroni 20 Year Old, 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive 65.8% available online now at #TheWhiskyBarrel.com