New Exclusives: Glenlivet III and GlenAllachie | Signatory Vintage Whiskey

Firstly, let’s address the Glenlivet part of this title. That’s right, we are back with the third instalment of our exclusive, heavily sherried Glenlivet exclusives from our good friends at Signatory Vintage.  Glenlivet III if you will. You may remember our previous two casks (bright pink label #900552 and bright orange #900134 – sister cask to this one) which went down a storm. Hugely flavoursome, rich and delectable sherrybombs. Now we have sister cask number three. Excitement I know! Glenlivet 11 Year Old 2007 Signatory Un-chillfiltered 66.0% Single Sherry Hoghsead #900128.

So let us also turn to the companion to this Glenlivet. And also a rather special exclusive as well – GlenAllachie. Now this distillery has seen a recent resurgence with the takeover by Billy Walker and his wonderful team. So having the opportunity to sample and select a cask of GlenAllachie seemed like a good option. And after tasting it straight from the cask, we didn’t need to be asked twice. So here we have it. GlenAllachie 11 Year Old, 2007, Signatory Un-chillfiltered 61.3% 1st Fill Sherry Hoghsead #900169.

And for the eagle eyed, you will spot they now feature a more sustainable cardboard tube replacing the metals ones. A bit more eco with your scotch!

Glenlivet The 3rd

Glenlivet 11 Year Old 2007 Cask #900128, 66.0%.

We’ve been sitting on the knowledge of having the cask of Glenlivet bottled exclusively for us for a few months now. Having seen the previous two releases come and go rather quickly, we were delighted that a third cask presented itself as another exclusive. Again this is a first fill sherry hogshead and a sister cask to the orange one. This time we have dressed it in a striking bright yellow submarine number. As usual, cask strength – a whopping 66% no less!- no added colour and un-chillfiltered. 289 bottles yielded from the cask.

If you are familiar with our previous casks, you know what to expect here. Rich sherry notes, sweet sugary fruits, luxury chocolate and hints of tobacco. And this Glenlivet 11 Year old Cask #900128 is no different. The colour follows the same as the previous. Classic heavy sherry influence with the lovely deep blood orange hue. On the nose are the same yummy sticky sugar sweets. The palate is another hit of cola cubes and a serving of perfectly ripe summer fruits doused with sugar. But what’s lovely is the slight hint of tobacco leaf and dark chocolate  And the finish is a brilliant and long chewy affair bringing together all of the above. We don’t expect this release to hang about for too long either.

GlenAllachie Premiere

GlenAllachie 11 Year Old, 2007, cask #900169, 61.3%

This is the first exclusive single cask GlenAllachie to hit our online shelves. And we are rather excited by it. So excited we have gone for a nice deep blue label – for no reason really. But we like blue.

GlenAllachie whisky is rising in fame. With new owners they have recently begun launching their own official single casks. So we are pleased to be able to offer our, and Signatory’s, own take on this. GlenAllachie has been a distillery producing whisky for blends. Single Malt iterations all but non-existent. With a growing reputation and greater appreciation of GlenAllachie single malt whisky, this is another opportunity to explore and enjoy this distillery’s wares.

Distilled 23rd March 2007 this was matured in a 1st fill sherry hoghsead #900169. Bottled in February 2019 the cask yielded 324 bottles at a lovely 61.3%. So does it bear classic GlenAllachie character? Why yes it does. And totally different to the Glenlivet above. Firstly the colour – a lovely copper orange imparted from the wood. The nose offer a much sharper experience to the Glenlivet. Less of the sugary sweetness and more of the classic bitter sweet sherry influence. Hints of cereal and slightly burnt malt. On the palate stewed plums and milk chocolate coated raisins. A lovely note of nutmeg and a hint of bees wax. The finish is long, dry and sweet.

Sherrybombs to add to the Exclusive Collection

We are delighted to be able to bring you this pair of very exciting new exclusives from our chums at Signatory Vintage. They are a fantastic addition to our previous release and again give you the chance to try something a little different. A little bit rare. And certainly full of flavour.

Glenlivet 11 Year Old 2007 Cask #900128, 66.0% and GlenAllachie 11 Year Old, 2007, cask #900169, 61.3%

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