Exclusive Bellevue Rums | 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devils

The rum train keep rolling at TheWhiskyBarrel.com And we are rather excited by this pair of new rum exclusives. You may remember last year that a sister cask of these rums (Bellevue 19 Year Old, 1998 Kill Devil) received an almighty score of 93 over on WhiskyFun.com. So with the opportunity to snap up a couple of sister casks with our chums at hunter Laing & Co, we jumped at the chance.s

TheWhiskyBarrel.com is delighted to bring to you a brace of Bellevue:

Bellevue 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive, 58.6%

Bellevue 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive, 58.8%

Bellevue Distillery

We have a widely recognised penchant for quality rums. In particular we like to select single casks of rum that we think will also suit the palate of the whisky drinker. Our recent Caronis certainly hit the mark and long run of Hampdens are excellent. So, with Bellevue on the table we knew this was an opportunity not to miss.

Bellevue Distillery is located on the French overseas region of Guadeloupe in the southerns Caribbean Sea. More specifically on a small island just off the largest of the islands making up Guadeloupe. Sun, sea, sand and rum! We think of Scottish whisky distilleries as remote – this is a new level of remote.

The distillery is sighted on a large sugar plantation and also produces a range of award winning rums know for their bright and fruity flavours. So unlike our recent exclusive rums, this is from a distillery still in production. So what do we bring to the floor?

Quality Casks and Quality Vintage

We know the quality Hunter Laing & Co produce. An impressive collection of casks of whisky and rum. The review last year of the sister cask of Bellevue last year is testament to this. Reminiscent of 1950s Macallan on the nose was the standout comment. Of the same vintage and distillation date, this pair is no different.

1998 vintages of Bellevue have tended to have a solid character and depth. Liquorice, raisins, herbal notes and a raw earthiness:- sweet and umami. These two new exclusives are right up this street.

As we always note when we release a pair of casks together, despite the identical details, they each offer a different experience.

Let’s start with the 58.6% – 243 bottles. A softish nose gives whisps of liquorice. Sweetened figs and a earthy coffee note throughout. Underlined by a sweet citrus and tropical fruit but balanced by lovely dried herbal and almond notes. A lovely little dance to the finish.

So how does the 58.8% ( 245 bottles) compare? More liquorice and aniseed on the nose. But a greater pungency. Raisins start to kick in adding to a similar flavour profile as the above. There is a lot going on. Sweetness. Bitterness. Rounded by central umami note. These exceptional casks really do have it all!

Bellevue 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive, 58.6% and Bellevue 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusive, 58.8%
available to buy online now exclusively at TheWhiskyBarrel.com