Hampden 11 Year Old Exclusives – Kill Devil x2

We love Hampden rum here at The Whisky Barrel. And fortunately for us, our good friends at Hunter Laing & Co. have had a superb stock of single casks. We’ve still got a 16 year old Kill Devil and a 10 Year old Kill Devil in stock. But now we are delighted to bring you 2 more, this time aged 11 years. We just love Hampden funk!

One of the most amazing things about these exclusives we release, is that despite the similarity in detail, they offer totally different individual experiences. Aged 11 years old, these single casks were both distilled in Jamaica in November 2007.  And in the famous Hampden Pot Stills so you already know we’re going to hogo here.  Bottled at cask strength this is where we see some variety.

63.2% Funk

The ABV of these casks is always fantastically high. This adds to the depth of the funk. This cask yielded 321 bottles. Big sharp funk to this one! Lot’s of banana come through, specifically as sweet dried banana crisps. Dusted with dried vinegar and classic Hampden parrafin with dried out tropical fruits notes. There is just no doubting where this rum is from. Hampden 11 Year Old 2007 Kill Devil Exclusive 63.2%

Hogo at 63.5%

Cask number 2 was distilled during the same month and year. Sister casks. A touch higher on the ABV at 63.5% and a yield of 321 bottles. Similar to the above but joyfully different. Beyond doubt it’s Hampden even in you sample this blind. A chunk more vinegar on the nose kicks the nostrils. Over ripened tropical fruits brings a lovely sweetness on which runs straight into a drop of vinegar on your chips and then into more sun-ripened banana. Awesome! Hampden 11 Year Old 2007 Kill Devil Exclusive 63.5%

So, there we have it. Two more exclusive single casks of Hampden Jamaican pot still rum. Cask strength funk. I think it is fair to say that here at TheWhiskyBarrel.com we have the largest lineup of single cask, cask strength Hampden rum available. You lucky people you!