Exclusive Caroni Rum – Two Of Them!

After a long and successful run of exclusive single cask Kill Devil Hampden rums, we have changed the record. We have not one but TWO exclusive rums from the revered Caroni Distillery, Trinidad. Stocks of Caroni casks have been dwindling. Value and interest has grown. And rather quickly in the past few years. So we are delighted to have been able to get hold of two casks courtesy of our very good friends at Hunter Laing. And nothing youthful here either. Well aged last century vintage stuff. Cask strength ABV too:- up in the mid 60s! Caroni Kill Devil. Sounds good doesn’t it.

Caroni 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusives

So why the excitement. Well, firstly Caroni Distillery is a lost distillery. Much like lost whisky distilleries this creates a certain interest. An intrigue. A desire to obtain something that can no longer be produced. A piece of history. Furthermore, and push demand even further, Caroni Rum tends to be superb. It has a following among both collectors and drinkers alike. This subsequently explains why the likes of Caroni rum has gained a value that puts it among the premium Scotch whiskies. We released a 19 year old Caroni with Berry Bros back in 2017 to mark our 10th Anniversary. We have a couple of other bottlings available but as noted, value has risen in a short time.

Caroni Distillery was established on the site of a sugar factory in early in the 20th century in Trindad & Tobago. At the time it was among a huge number of distilleries in the area. But along with the demise of the sugar cane industry, rum distilling also waned. In 2002 the distillery was closed then demolished. So we are utterly delighted to be able to bring you two single cask Caroni Rums. And we hope, in fact we know, these are pretty good value for what they are.

Two Casks Of Caroni – 65% and 64.8% ABV

Caroni rum is often likened by a well-known reviewer to be the Ardbeg of rum. Bold. Heavy. Desirable. Ardbeg of old perhaps. And this pair is no different. With all but identical details, only the strength of the spirit is what separates them on paper. But both are mindbogglingly high. We have one at 64.8% and the other at an even more epic 65%. And both offer classic full on Caroni character.

Caroni 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil 64.8%

Caroni 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil 65.0%

Fumes of diesel oil. salty black olives and a warming tar on the nose. If you are unfamiliar with Caroni, these are very good notes indeed. On the palate these thick notes are continued but with a touch of crispness coming through with lemon and a sweetened toffee treacle. The 64.8% is filled with sweet raisins and delicious chocolate. The 65% is a different beast with a slightly more tamed sweetness that is picked up by a bigger heat.  The finish is long and lingering with plenty of sweet orange mixing with a tannin oily note. Caroni rum is quite remarkable. It presents something rather rough and tough but with the right balance or sweetness coming through something full of flavour and depth.

These chaps will turn the heads of rum fans. For whisky drinkers you should more than enjoy these too.

Two Caroni 20 Year Old 1998 Kill Devil Exclusives

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