More Exclusive GlenDronach Single Casks at TWB!

That’s right. We are kicking off 2019 with another brace of beautiful The GlenDronach 1992 vintage single cask bottlings. November 2018 saw us release casks #8314 and #8315. Now we are back with two more 1992 vintages, this time casks #179 and #180.

More 1992 Vintages But With Big Variation

Now you might be thinking, “same again?”. But you would be wrong. Although the same vintage and age, casks #179 and #180 are matured in Sherry Butts as opposed to the other chaps which were explicitly Pedro Ximenez Puncheons. So, we have totally different cask types in action here using this highly revered vintage of GlenDronach spirit. And within these two casks, they offer entirely different experiences, flavours and impressions of the renowned GlenDronach style.

It is wise here to return to our interview with Rachel Barrie which coincided with all four of our exclusive being signed off by Rachel and her team.

“…these casks are a fine example of those rich notes and sherry cask maturation The GlenDronach is known and loved for. With layers of vine fruit and cherry stone on the nose combined with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, drinkers can understand the complex nature of a sherried malt. These notes continue on the palate and lengthen into toasted apple and cherry brandy.”

(read the full interview here)

GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #179 50.8%

GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #179 50.8%Sherry Butt #179 was distilled on 29th May 1992. A single sherry butt matured for 26 years before being bottled in 2018 yielding 638 bottles at 50.8%. Rachel and team’s notes indicate warming Christmas spice on the nose with a zing of zest. The palate moves in a homely and warming and fruity apple, orange and cinnamon crumble with a sweet shortbread.

Our own notes lift this further. Rum and raisin ice-cream on the nose adding a maturity alongside childhood memories of sweet shop toffee. The palate is all about the tartness of fruit mixed in with a little earthy grass note and big rich sweets. This is an enviable GlenDronach crumble.

GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #180 50.5%

GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #180 50.5%. You’d be forgiven to presume this cask with identical details of distillation, maturation and bottling would be similar. But it is not. Cask #180, 539 bottles, offers a more mature character. luxury dark chocolate and definite sherry notes soaking raising and nuts. Crumbling shortbread biscuit and marzipan with a sweet and salted toffee popcorn.

There is a velvety luxury quality to the chocolate notes which we also pick up with nice dark cherries. Homebaked goods cover the palate with a lovely sherry influence.

An Exclusive Quartet of The GlenDronach 1992 Single Cask Bottlings

With these two single casks we are delighted to have available a mini-batch of The GlenDronach single cask bottlings. A quartet of single casks playing a harmony of GlenDronach spirit. Let’s not forget these are well aged vintage whiskies. Matured in decadent sherry casks from a Distillery with a huge reputation. The GlenDronach gained the colloquial term of being the ‘new Macallan’ for good reason. So we are proud to be able to offer these single casks, exclusively at

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Launched November 2018:

 The GlenDronach 26 Year Old 1992 Single Cask #8314 52%

 The GlenDronach 26 Year Old 1992 Single Cask  #8315 51.8%

Launched January 2019:

The GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #179 50.8%

The GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #180 50.5%