New Exclusive Rum | The Lost Uitvlugt Distillery

When we have teamed up with Berry Bros & Rudd for our previous single cask rum exclusives, they have been a big hit. Our Caroni 19 Year old was epic. And our trio of Hampdens have been full-throttle funk. But now we are delighted to bring to you something different. Another lost rum distillery but this time from Guyana., along with our chums at Berry Bros & Rudd, present our latest exclusive single cask rum: Uitvlugt 26 year old 1991, Cask #38, 55.3%.

Uitvlugt Distillery

First question…how is that pronounced? The names is derived from the Dutch for ‘out-flow’ or “owt-flut” if said correctly. Uitvlugt is a village on the coast of Guyana, South America. Given the name of the river Uitvlugt sits next to, the Demerara River, you can guess what the main industry was:- sugar. A huge Dutch owned sugar plantation dominated the local area and inevitably saw the distillation of Rum.
Uitvlugt Distillery established around 1750. Double wooden pot stills producing a relatively heavy style rum. However, like many rum producing regions through the 19th and 20th centuries, rum production declined in Guyana. Sadly Uitvlugt distillery was one to succumb to pressures and closed and is now a lost Distillery. The only remaining distillery in Guyana is the acclaimed Diamond Distillery, which acquired the stills from Uitvlugt and other distilleries.

So, we are absolutely thrilled to be able to bring to you a well aged vintage of Uitvlugt, single cask, cask strength rum. The chaps at Berry Bros & Rudd tend to pick excellent casks and we were keen to snap this rare cask up. As a result, it offers something totally different following our run of Hampdens rums.

Cask #38 – TWB Exclusive

This barrel was filled in December 1991 and bottled in 2018, yielding 227 bottles at 55.3%. And it is a classy affair. The nose is tremendously balanced with notes of sandalwood and a touch of tobacco. Beeswax and, just as you want and expect, lovely overripe tropical fruits bringing the sweetness in. The palate continues the depth and complexity. blood oranges are notable with herbs, cocoa and walnut but it is the coastal notes that bring a surprise. A slight saltiness and brine. Reminiscent of very heavy Hampden or even Old Pulteney in the whisky world. And the finish is long and keeps all the body of notes going right through. As a result, this is excellent rum and of great interest to rum fans. And it is made all the better being from Uitvlugt. Shame this is now a rarity but now is your chance to enjoy.

Uitvlugt 26 Year, old 1991, Berry Bros & Ruff Exclusive, Cask #38, 55.3%

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