Two New GlenDronach 1992 Vintage Cask Bottling Exclusives for

You read that correctly. We are delighted to bring to the market 2 (two) brand new single cask bottlings of 1992 vintage 26 year old GlenDronach scotch. Outrageous we know but after the huge success of our 1993 vintage 25 year old earlier this year (last handful of bottles remain here), and after tasting what these casks had to offer, we went for the lot.’s very own mini batch of single cask GlenDronach scotch. Selected exclusively and approved by Rachel Barrie and her team for us at The Whisky Barrel, these are two cracking sister cask GlenDronach Single Casks Bottling whiskies.

#8314 – GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #8314 52% Pedro Ximenez Puncheon

#8315 – GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #8315 51.8% Pedro Ximenez Puncheon

GlenDronach 1992 Vintage – Quality

1993 vintage GlenDronach scotch gets much of the hype and rightly so. Our 25 year old 1993 cask #658 received absolutely glowing praise and feedback with many pipping it as the best of the bunch. Now we bring some sister casks from 1992, another very fine vintage for GlenDronach – they taste stunning. Superb spirit distilled in the months of June 1992 along with the expected quality wood for maturation has worked wonders again. These two expressions, although of the identical vintage and age, each offer a totally unique scotch whiskey experience. A unique GlenDronach experience.

Rachel Barrie has more than made the role of Master Distiller her own. She and her team have the rather enviable task of selecting single casks of GlenDronach. I know, tough life. These are the first GlenDronach Single Casks that we’ve had that bear her name. A proud moment indeed. We put some questions to Rachel to coincide with our release of single cask GlenDronachs, so keep your eyes peeled for that on The Whisky Barrel blog very soon. But for now, let us take a closer look at each of them….

 GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #8314 52%

Cask #8314 we see a Pedro Ximenez Puncheon. This alone brings its own character with additional sweetness imparted. Distilled 5th June 1992 and matured for 26 years yielding 706 bottles at 52%. There are more fruity notes to be found here. Sultanas, apricot and fig and a rich dark chocolate. It becomes a lovely Christmas scotch with spices and nuts balanced by the sweetness of figs, apple and pear. This is a lovely and thick GlenDronach. The Pedro Ximenez cask doing its job and bringing in a luxurious sweetness such as heather honey.

GlenDronach 26 Year old 1992 Single Cask #8315 51.8%

Cask #8315 offers a different result despite the same details. This time there is a more tropical sweetness coming in. Classic chocolate on the nose again but a softer melon sweetness along with toffee popcorn. A marzipan and sticky toffee pudding laid over with pineapple and pepper. This leads into a big finish bringing the sweet and earthy notes in a burst. The slightly higher ABV is notable.

So, there you have it. Two brand new 1992 vintage GlenDronach singe cask bottlings exclusive to us here at And they are superb.  The Pedro Ximenez cask of #8314 is decadent rich sweetness jumping us forward to Christmas spices and figs. #8315 is lifted to a more citrus and tropical sweetness on top of decadent sticky toffee.

Unsurprisingly, we are thrilled to be able to exclusively offer these GlenDronach 1992 single casks. And we extend our thanks to the team at GlenDronach Distillery for some further excellent work.