Two Exciting TWB Exclusive Carn Mor Whiskies

The Carn Mor Scotch whiskey label is the product of the fine ladies and gentlemen at Morrison & MacKay Ltd. Earlier this year we featured them in a blog taking a closer look at the #IndyScotchWhisky scene and their new distillery Aberargie – read parts 1 and 2 here. We’re big fans of Morrison & MacKay and now we are delighted to announce a new chapter in our working relationship with them. Two new Carn Mor scotch whiskies, exclusive to And they are exciting drams for many reasons.

From the Isle of Islay we have a single cask, cask strength Strictly Limited Laphroaig and from the lost and demolished Imperial distillery a special Celebration of the Cask. Both outstanding in their own right.

So to give them their formal titles we are thrilled to bring to you:

Laphroaig Williamson 8 Year Old Strictly Limited Cask Strength 63.4%, 284 bottles.

Imperial 23 Year Old Celebration of the Cask 44.4%, 42 bottles.

Two deeply contrasting whiskies from deeply contrasting distilleries. Islay peat smoke versus highland fruits. Globally popular distillery against lost and demolished. Contrast. Variety. #IndyScotchWhisky

Scotch Bottling In Action

Now it is not very often you get the chance to witness or see a single cask of whiskey being bottled and labelled up. Fortunately the lovely people at Morrison & Mackay were happy to share this occasion with us. From cask to bottle and now exclusively at Check out the following video for a quick, sneak peak behind the scenes.


Lets Start with Islay

This exclusive Laphroaig is really rather special. Those familiar with the Carn Mor Strictly Limited label will know that these are usually released at 46%. Entry level whiskies to help bring in both newcomer to scotch and the connoisseur looking to explore distilleries. With our exclusive Laphroaig Strictly Limited, we are delighted to bring to you the FIRST and ONLY Cask Strength Strictly Limited bottling in the UK. And where better to bring full throttle Strictness than with Islay, and Laphroaig whisky.

Distilled in 2010 and bottled for us in 2018 at a whopping 63.4% and just 284 bottles, this is all you would expect on the peat front from Laphroaig. The nose offer up delicious sweet peated barley. Hints of brine and sea salt and damp treated wood. Onto the palate and we know we are definitely tasting Laphroaig.

There have been a handful of young singe cask Laphroaig/Williamsons on the market and despite the relative youth, they have been of fantastic quality. And this is no different. Fortunately the Laphroaig name can well and truly be on display for this one, although the Williamson name was also branded on the cask.

The Lost Distillery ‘Celebration’ – Imperial

First and foremost this is a scotch from a lost distillery. Imperial Distillery closed in 1998 and demolished in 2013 this in itself is a rare scotch. Add to this that from this single cask just 42 (FORTY TWO) bottles have been yielded from a single bourbon barrel. Indulgent angels? So here we have a very limited release. Distilled 22nd May 1995 and bottled 1st October 2018 at 44.4%.

This may suit the scotch whiskey collector a little more than the highly drinkable Laphroaig above. But trust us, this is a highly enjoyable dram to drink as well. Imperial whiskey has diminished on the market after a wee flurry a few years back. Stocks are dwindling. Single casks like this offer a glimpse and taste of a lost distillery. A piece of Scottish history.

One Strictly Limited, one simply very limited. Both exclusive to

Laphroaig Williamson 8 Year Old Strictly Limited Cask Strength 63.4%

Imperial 23 Year Old Celebration of the Cask 44.4%