Exclusive Cambus 30 Year Old 1988 Sovereign Scotch Whiskey

We have released quite a superb run of single cask exclusives with our chums Hunter Laing under The Sovereign label. Our Dumbarton, Invergordon and Carsebridge to name three. As we start to say goodbye to the spectrum of Autumnal colours here in Scotland, we have the perfect accompaniment.  We are delighted to introduce our Cambus 30 Year Old 1988 Sovereign 45.2%. This is a single refill hogshead #14857 yielding 313 bottles. Cask strength, natural colour and un-chillfiltered.

Cambus Distillery, No More

Cambus Distillery is a lost Scottish Distillery. Closing in 1992 all that remains of the distillery on the site are warehouses. The site is owned by Diageo and contains a vast number of warehouses and a cooperage but bears no resemblance to the former Cambus Distillery. Although you may get a glimpse of an epic, beautiful and rather photogenic mountain of empty casks. This makes Cambus scotch inherently important. Rare. Finite. There are still a good number circulating around the independent bottling companies but this won’t, cant’, last forever. So this is a special single cask release of Cambus 30 year old 1988.

What Makes Cambus Scotch?

Cambus distillery was a grain distillery. As with most grain distilleries the end product of whiskey was designed to be put into blended whisky. It has to hold a solid quality in order to be able to add to the mix of whiskies brought together to create a blend. So single grain Cambus whisky is usually excellent stuff. And this 30 year old 1988 is no different. Being a single cask and bottled as natural as it can be, there is even more flavour and character to enjoy.

With a lovely light gold colour, the nose is captured by sweet fruit notes of peach, apricot and plums. The sweetness is enriched on the palate with forest fruits, dark chocolate and coconut. To conclude there is a delicious long finish which is pepped along with a little hint of cinnamon spice.

We’re big fans of this scotch. It’s something that should be appreciated by all palates and tastes. And it has a lovely big round age statement and 1980s vintage. Something becoming increasingly unobtainable among its single malt cousins. This is a scotch for drinking. Or a scotch for gifting and celebrating with.

Cambus 30 Year Old 1988 Sovereign 45.2%, available to buy exclusively at TheWhiskyBarrel.com