TWB Exclusive – Irish 14 Year Old 2003 50.5% #200503

Last month we released a superb single cask bottling of Glenlivet 11 year old which followed the success of its sister cask last year. The scotch offered something interesting. Something good. And something very popular. You may remember as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations last year, we also launched a very interesting Irish single cask. The feedback on this was also absolutely fantastic. That was cask #200501. Now, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Creative Whisky to bring along its sister as well. So, we are delighted to bring you The Whisky Barrel Exclusive, Irish 14 year old, 2003, Exclusive Malts, 50.5% cask #200503.

Pretty ‘Cool, Eh’. 

Now that’s what you would say in Scotland when you come across this whiskey:- it’s ‘cool, eh’. Also, it may be a hint to its provenance which is a secret distillery in Ireland (just off the R173 regional road on the Cooley Peninsula). This follows the same profile as last year’s release but with its own fine details:

You don’t often see single cask whiskey releases from this distillery in Ireland. This is another great opportunity to explore it in its unadulterated independent bottling guise. The guys at Creative Whisky have a bit of a knack at sourcing good casks and this is no different. And the coming together of spirit and cask has proved to be very fruitful again.

Irish spirit. Spanish oak. Scottish Marriage.

Three key elements have come together to release this fantastic whiskey. The craft of an Irish spirit produced on the Cooley peninsula. The age-old and trusted Spanish sherry oak casks for maturation. Brought together, married and welcomed to the world in Scotland. As good as last time? Yes it is. But offers something a little different.

Colour: Copper gold

Nose: Lots of golden syrup and apples.

Palate: Green apples skins mixed in with melted brown sugars. Malt biscuits wrapped up in a sweet tropical fruits, melon and a hint of lemon. Extra weight is brought with the heavy sherry cask influence adding to the silky mouthfeel.

Finish: Dry and sweet with a good length.

This was a mighty popular release last year. Not least because it offered something a little unusual as a product. But also because it proved to be interesting, in a very, very good way. And with this new release, we’re glad to say its more of the same. Sometimes moving away from Scotch is just a good idea.


Irish Cooley 14 Year Old 2003 50.5% #200503

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