Scotch for Father’s Day 2017 at The Whisky Barrel

June 18th 2017 brings round another Father’s Day in the UK. Another rush to find a gift to say, “thank you” to Dad. But no worries, we have it all sorted here at The Whisky Barrel. Forget socks, gadgets, books or car cleaning tools. Scotch Whiskey is the ideal gift. You can choose to suit taste, style or even age and vintage. You can choose whiskey on a tight budget or extravagance. We have a huge selection of Scotch, Irish, American and Japanese whiskies available that make a perfect Father’s Day gift. And best of all, we can also gift wrap the whiskey too and send it straight to Dad’s door. So if you’re shipping to a Dad in the UK or abroad, The Whisky Barrel is your store.

A Helping Hand…Plus Gift Wrapping

Picking a gift at the best of times is never easy. Picking the right whiskey can be even harder. So to help, we have listed a few highlights from our stock. And to help even more, don’t forget our high quality whiskey gift wrapping and gift message option. We’ve chosen these as they are all very reasonably priced but offer top quality scotch whiskey, as well as suiting different palates. If you need any help choosing your Father’s Day whiskey, please just drop as an email or have a natter on our Live Chat function – leave a message if we’re not there.

Youthful Dad’s Whisky

Two varying whiskies that offer youth in an obvious and more abstract manner.

Wolfburn Single Malt – one of Scotland’s newest distilleries, founded in 2013, this scotch was their first release and aged just 3 years old. Forget the young age though, this offers way more than it’s number suggests. Finished in ex-Islay casks there is a nice subtle smokiness to this surprisingly characterful dram. Buy online here.

Bladnoch 15 Year Old Adela – New not in age. At 15 years old this is an established whiskey. We mean new in terms of the distillery…sort of. Bladnoch closed in 2009 before new owners took over in 2014. 2016 saw the launch of the first new whiskey from the distillery using old cask stock. Matured in Oloroso casks, it’s a nice rich sweet scotch. Buy online here.

Dad’s Sherry Cask

This pair are not only big sherry bomb whiskies but are two of the most highly acclaimed and established distilleries of the lot. You can rarely go wrong with these guys but these two whiskies in particular are superb.

Glenfarclas 21 year old – One of the oldest,independent family owned distilleries around. Glenfarclas whiskey is hugely consistent and offers classic scotch whiskey from Speyside…though they call themselves Highlanders! Sherry cask maturation is their thing and this 21 year old Glenfarclas is one of the most rounded out there. No fuss packaging. Just good scotch. Buy online here.

GlenDronach 21 year old Parliament – GlenDronach are the current kings of sherry cask whiskey. Boasting an enviable output of sherry matured single cask scotch whiskey, their core range releases offers hugely popular and acclaimed whiskey too. The 21 year old Parliament, so named after the parliament of rooks that have been nesting in the trees overlooking the distillery for almost 200 years, is an award winning scotch. It’s simply awesome. Buy online here.

Hair on Dad’s Chest Whisky

Dad may just be one of the many peated, smokey whiskey lovers. If so, Islay whisky is the way to go. This small scotch whiskey island paradise is synonymous with big bold peated whiskey from some of its distilleries. One of these two whiskies will put hairs on Dad’s chest for sure!

Bruichladdich Octomore 7.3 Islay Barley – to put this peaty power in perspective,  nearby Ardbeg Distillery’s scotch is known for being peaty. They bottle their whiskey at 55 ppm (parts per million – the measurement of peat in whisky). However, the Octomore range from Bruichladdich is super peaty whiskey. This Octomore 7.3 is bottled at… 169ppm. It’s big! But also very tasty. Buy online here.

Laphroaig 16 year old 2000 Old Malt Cask  –  Laphroaig Distillery, with its Royal Warrant and number 1 fan, Prince Charles, is another good smokey scotch from Islay. It drops way down the ppm scale from the Octomore above but here there is a nicer balance between the malt whiskey and the influence of the peat. This is a great Islay whiskey from the folks at Hunter Laing & Co. Buy online here.

Classic Malt for Dad

Perhaps a little more armchair time for Dad with these two whiskies from two classic Scottish distilleries.

Old Pulteney 17 year old – One of the best all round whiskies on the market, that we put in a similar bracket of quality to Springbank 15 year old. From the coastal town of Wick, this is a northern Scotch Whiskey. Sherry and bourbon cask matured it is full bodied with a nice long finish. Probably won’t last long in Dad’s cabinet this bottle! Buy online here.

Dalmore 2001 Connoisseur’s Choice – For a discerning Dad the name of this release by Gordon & MacPhail may suit him. A dram full of character and giving a taste of Dalmore scotch away from the marketing and big Dalmore branding. Independently matured and bottled this Dalmore is aged at least 13 years and matured in refill sherry hogshead giving a sweet but also nice peppery whiskey. Buy online here.

Whisky Plus Rum and Gin Too

Now don’t just take our word for it that these are the best whiskies to gift for for Father’s Day. Explore the rest of our shop, use the Gift Finder page, check out our Rare and Limited whiskies , or our range of exclusive whiskies to find the perfect Father’s Day scotch whiskey gift. And don’t forget, we have gift wrapping available at the checkout as well. Father’s Day whiskey all wrapped up at The Whisky Barrel.