Annandale Distillery. Established in 1836 and closing in 1918, this lowland distillery reopened it's doors and sprung back into action in 2014 producing scotch whisky after a 90 year break. Traditional chimney stack and pagoda roof, tie in the history of the buildings with the impressive, modern redevelopment. The Washbacks and Stills share an open plan room. Clean, crisp and bright room is in contrast to many darker, dustier and settled distillery counterparts. The Mash Tun. Where the grain and the water meet and mingle. This is where heating this mixture produces the sugars from the broken down barley grain's starch. From 'porridge' to a hot sugary liquid called Wort, this is drained and collected where it then moves to the wash-backs for fermentation. #scotch #whisky #lowland #whiskey #lostdistillery #founddistillery #annandale #distillerytour RT @isleofislay: The Islay Daily Newspaper is out! #islay #news Stories via @ScotsMagazine @WhiskyBarrel @Netweather


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Scottish Oak Finish, Limited Edition
Scottish Oak Finish, Limited Edition
ABV: 44.5%
Volume: 50cl
Bottler: Distillery

Blended Scotch
Famous Grouse Scottish Oak Finish Whiskey

Blended Whisky Blended Scotch Whisky

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Famous Grouse Scottish Oak Finish blended Scotch whiskey. A marriage of fine rare Scotch Whiskies finished in Scottish oak casks.

One of only 7,092 bottles with collectable presentation case, certificate of authenticity and a small block of the finishing Scottish oak cask!

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 'Best New Scotch Blended Whisky 2007'.

Rich, mellow fruit aromas and long sweet finish.

Glenturret (Famous Grouse)

Born in 1775 in a quiet and sheltered valley at Hosh tucked in on the north side of Crieff right on the banks of the River Turret.  With Crieff and Perth to hand their thirsty inhabitants provided a ready market in those early days. Now one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland with footprints in four centuries. And with just two stills it is also amongst the smallest.

Popularised and promoted as the home of the great Famous Grouses this wee distillery and its single malts are a tad overwhelmed. At the heart of Glenturret is a mild and gentle malt full of the heady, heathery blossoms which carpet the sheltering Perthshire hills in autumn.