Arbikie AK's Gin

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ABV: 43.0%
Age: 17 Year Old
Bottler: Distillery
Region: Highland
Type: Gin
Volume: 70cl



Arbikie AK's Scottish Gin sticks to a traditional juniper base, with three traditional Scottish botanics, Kelp, Carline Thistle and Blaeberrys.

Tasting Notes


AK’S Gin’ is distilled using fresh honey and wheat farmed at Arbikie, Black Pepper, Mace and Cardamom.



Arbikie Distillery

Arbikie Scottish Gins

Arbikie Distillery is the home of Arbikie AK’S Gin which is distilled using honey and wheat from the Arbikie family farm in Arbroath and with carefully chosen botanicals. The Arbikie AK’s Gin is a tribute to A.K. Stirling, a beloved father who passed on his respect for hard work and a love of the land.
The Stirling family has been farming since 1660 and their Highland estate has a significant impact on the character of the gin they produce. The distillery itself was created from an ancient barn.The family have a great respect for their environment and in Arbikie AK’s Gin is a careful combination of ingredients, including Juniper, Coriander, Thistle, Black Pepper and locally sourced honey.


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