Littlemill 26 Year Old 1988 Old & Rare 54.6% exclusive to @WhiskyBarrel 150 numbered bottles Littlemill 26 Year Old 1988 Old & Rare 54.6% exclusive to @WhiskyBarrel 150 numbered bottles


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Double Cask, Indian Single Malt
Double Cask, Indian Single Malt
ABV: 46.0%
Volume: 70cl
Bottler: Distillery
Vintage: Various

Double Cask Whiskey

Indian Indian Single Malt Whisky

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A marriage of two of the oldest casks ever bottled by Amrut. Matured in India, the 'Angels of Bangalore’ scooped up 59% of the maturation through evaporation. Unusually the alcohol strength of these casks went up from 62.5% to 69.8%.

Ex-bourbon cask numbers #2874 & #2273. Only 306 numbered bottles worldwide.

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Amrut    India

Amrut Distillery is situated in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka on the Mysore Plateau in central, southern India where production of malt whisky commenced using four stills during the early 1980s. Unpeated malted barley is sourced from the Punjab and Rajasthan regions in northern India whilst peated malted barley is shipped in from Scotland. Amrut Indian single malt whisky is matured in oak casks in Bangalore at an altitude of over 900m above sea level where maturation is subject to a tropical climate with dry seasons and rainy seasons. Due to the high rate of evaporation of at least 12% per year it is difficult to store and age casks of Amrut malt whisky locally, therefore, in order to produce older whiskies some casks of Amrut whisky are also matured in Scotland. The Amrut Distillery produces a range of Indian malts whiskies including peated and unpeated, some matured in bourbon and sherry casks including Amrut Intermediate Sherry, and some containing malt whisky which has matured in two continents.